Atlanta Road Medians

Project Status

This project involves improvements to Atlanta Road from Ridge Road to Fleming Street, including installing raised landscaped medians, multi-use trails  and streetscape features.

Benefits of Medians

In urban and suburban areas raised medians:

  • provide greater vehicle and pedestrian safety
  • reduce turning conflicts and crashes by up to 55%
  • provide landscaping and pedestrian refuge
  • improve roadway level of service and reduce delays
  • eliminate congestion associated with left turn conflicts and clearing crashes
  • resulting in minimal business impact and in some cases, can result in improved business
(Source: Georgia DOT Benefits of Installing Medians)


Atlanta Road Median Concept Drawings

Atlanta Road Median Concept Plan

Atlanta Road Median Landscaping Concept 1

Atlanta Road Median Landscaping Concept 2


Atlanta Road Median Pictures

Atlanta Road Median Picture 1

Atlanta Road Median Picture 2


Atlanta Road Median Traffic Study