Smyrna Downtown Improvements/ Greenspace & Traffic Modifications

Project Status

Informed through the Smyrna B.O.L.D. Downtown Master Plan citizen and stakeholder input, the Smyrna Downtown Improvements is a SPLOST 2022 project. Aimed at building upon the success of the existing downtown, the project acts upon citizen needs and desires to create a central, vibrant, and open greenspace with the library and community center as backdrop. Elements of the project include a plaza/stage area, landscaped greenspace with terraced seating, King Street re-alignment, sidewalk improvements, a parking deck, and a brewery. The parking deck that is also a SPLOST 2022 project will be constructed at the same time.  Phase 1 of the improvements is anticipated to start mid-October and be completed by September 2022.

Click on the link to view the concept: Smyrna Downtown Concept